Ross Isaacs was chosen by NHK Japan to feature in their series celebrating Wildlife photographers and cinematographers who are in pursuit of mysteries of the natural world. They use best possible technique to capture vivid images of wildlife to reveal their secrets.This NHK series focuses on the advanced technique and arduous works of wildlife photographers and cinematographers while revealing the unknown world of wildlife. In the second episode, Ross Isaacs, an underwater cinematographer and photographer known as “the man who dived all waters of the world”, will take you on a dramatic journey to the world of migratory marine creatures. First, Ross spent over 1 year to follow a great migration of humpback whales from off the coast of Hawaii to Alaska. The journey stretches over 10000km; and it reveals the intimate relationship of mother and calf, challenges they face as they travel north until the child becomes independent. Ross’s dynamic and emotional cinematography will sure to enchant the viewers.The second part will be about a rare endangered species, loggerhead turtles. Ross followed loggerheads from Australia to Peru to discover their unknown migratory route. Ross calls his diving style as “Zen Diving”. He tries to become one with the marine world without disturbing the nature. He tries to keep an appropriate distance with wild creatures in respect of their world without human. His earnest attitude towards nature will vividly tell the true story of the marine world.
Image courtesy- Chris Hamilton