• Photo- Peggy West Stap (HWRF NMFS Permit # 587-1472)

  • Photo- Chris Hamilton

  • Photo- Lance Robb

  • Dawes Glacier South East Alaska

  • Photo- Lance Robb

  • Photo- Peggy West Stap

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Ross Isaacs is an award winning, Emmy nominated producer / director / cameraman, trading as OCEAN PLANET IMAGES, OCEAN PLANET 3D and OCEAN PLANET SPECIAL OPS, has over thirty years experience as an underwater photographer, cinematographer and filmmaker. Ross’ home base is Port Douglas in far North Queensland, Australia, adjacent to the most spectacular locations on the Great Barrier Reef. His experience includes major features films, television drama, nature documentaries, as well as television commercials.

OCEAN PLANET IMAGES boasts an extensive library containing underwater 4-8K, Ultra High Definition stock footage. Pioneering in Australia the use of closed circuit rebreathers for use in natural history film making, OCEAN PLANET IMAGES and OCEAN PLANET 3D can service any production from television documentaries and drama to big screen feature films and Ultra HDTV markets as well as high end 3D productions. OCEAN PLANET IMAGES is a world leader in shooting Ultra High Definition 8k underwater footage, and offers one of the largest Ultra High Definition stock footage libraries.

OCEAN PLANET IMAGES offers underwater housings for Red Weapon Helium s35 8K camerasĀ and the Deep Atom 3D platforms representing a fusion of reliable and functional incorporating adaptable lens support, smooth zoom, comprehensive control access, compact aluminum shell, adjustable buoyance/trim and precision ports for no compromises image quality for 8K 2D/3D and beyond.